Scientific staffs of the department provide courses and teaching these disciplines:

1)      Metrology and Standardization

2)      Land Law

3)      Fundamentals of Land Management and Cadastre

4)      Investment analysis

5)      GIS and databases

6)      Financial and economic activity

7)      Organization and production management

8)      Fundamentals of Land Management and territory organization

9)      Land Management Design

10)Information systems in land management

11)Land resources

12)Field research and mapping of soils

13)Computer Land Management drawings

14)Efficient of the resources use in agriculture

15)State control, protection and rational use of land

16)State Land Cadastre

17)Cadastre of the natural resources

18)Husbandry with the basics of soil science

19)Land and real estate valuation

20)The history of land relations

21)Geodetic works in land management

22)The use of GPS- technologies in land management

23)Electronic surveying instruments and GPS- technology 

24)Basic practical training on GPS technologies

25)Labor protection in professional field

26)Economic and employment law

27)Information technologies in scientific research

28)GIS in cadastre systems

29)Legislative support on the real estate cadastre

30)Monitoring and protection of land

31)Land Management

32)Licensing and patenting of scientific production

33)State land service

34)Land management expertise

35)Methodology and methods of scientific research

36)Pedagogical (assistant) practice

37)Scientific practice

38)Practical training

39)Geodesy and Land Management fundamentals

40)Organizing and conducting land auctions

41)Project management

42)Urban land use planning


44)Introduction to Specialty

45)Ecologically safe land use

46)Teaching method of land management in higher education