Конкурс на отримання грантової підтримки для підготовки проектних пропозицій за конкурсами Горизонт 2020

Опубліковано: NCP, 25.11.2018

RI-LINKS2UA Horizon 2020 Projects Preparation Grant Scheme - 4th Call for proposals launched! This grant's main objective is to financially supports the participation of Ukrainian researchers in Preparatory Meetings for the development of concrete project proposals for selected thematic calls within H2020. Within this RI-LINKS2UA fourth call for Horizon 2020 project preparation grants, a total of 10 H2020 proposals will be supported for project preparatory meetings in the EU to boost the participation in the H2020 consortia and stimulate cooperation between research actors from the EU and Ukraine. This scheme will provide a financial support for the organisation of preparatory meetings of research teams wishing to apply for H2020 funding. The RI-LINKS2UA fourth call supports Ukrainian applicants who address the open calls in the H2020 2018-2020 Work Programmes, Calls 2019-2020. What does the project preparation support grant support? The travel of Ukrainian researchers to EU countries for the kick-off event on proposal writing, as well as the organization of a small proposals preparatory event in Ukraine with the support of EU researchers. Аплікаційні форми та детальна інформація: https://ri-links2ua.eu/object/call/637