Chemistry Programs for Foreign Students

Опубліковано: Халавка Юрій Богданович, 18.06.2017

We cordially invite foreign student to enter our Bachelor, Master and PhD programs in Chemistry, Chemistry teaching and Food Technology.

Specializations in Solid State Chemistry of Semiconductors, Nanochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry are avaliable.

Curriculum is synchronized with Chemistry Eurobachelor program. 

Reasons to choose our programs:

  • Highly qualified Proffesors and Support staff 
  • Mentorship and adaptation support
  • Early involvment in scientific activities 
  • Double Master diploma program with Krakow Politecnic University
  • Renowed scientific schools (ChNU is in TOP 5 in the Scientific Ranking of Ukrainian HEIs)
  • Plenty of Erasmus + mobilities with leading European Universities appoved
  • Affordable price of study and living in one of the most beautiful cities of Eastern Europe.

Contact us at y.khalavka(at)chnu.edu.ua to get more information.